Branch Accounting System

If you are tired by facing so much confusion while managing your account information and looking for an easy tool or customized branch accounting software to maintain your branch accounts cost-effectively. No need to look further. Impex brings you a rich featured and highly functional tool, which follow international trend and is a web-based package that does not burden start-ups with bills for costly hardware or protective software. It reduces manpower requirements by doing away with the need to appoint a senior accountant at each branch. There is another unique feature which is the Back Office Support Online.

Desktop version of our Branch Accounting System Software is also available with a unique facility to upload data from the Desktop to Web and vice-versa.

The branch accounting system software is very user-friendly and can be learnt easily. . There is no risk on committing mistakes even by an amateur. Adequate inbuilt security measures ensure the integrity of the data. However the data can be copied on various other storage devices such as compact discs, pen drives, data card etc, only if the administrator is in charge of accounting system desires so. This means that there is total security of data at the user's end. Specified account entries for the whole year can be seen at a glance and the entire ledger can be printed with a single command.

From a profession point of view in addition to great branch accounting system services, it provides you the best cloud services like cloud accounting, cloud inventory and cloud billing system. Using these features as a senior management you and your company team does not need to sit in office all the time to manage your inventory, stock get all these services and more like see invoice and sales data, finalize the quarterly accounts, record the invoices and receipts of your customers, maintain a single database for your company multiple branches on mobile, and have a great experience with our branch accounting system from home or during your travel.

Moreover with our Branch Account System Software, as more than one user is permitted at a time, the administrator can seek professional assistance simultaneously by allowing his professionals to login with another password. Thus, any operational problem that arises while using the software can be solved online instantly.

For the users who do not have the time to learn or to feed the information to the branch accounting system themselves, the input information/data can be given to us on Excel Worksheet. We will update the branch accounts. By offering these hand-holding services, we yearn to establish a caring relationship and not that of simply selling a product.

Our Branch Accounting fulfills all the requirements whatever required in an account management system along with the following merits not available anywhere else:

Business entities that have multiple offices or branches benefit hugely from this path-breaking branch accounting system software:-

  • The Balance Sheet of final accounting can be printed in the prescribed format along with last year's figures.
  • Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss schedules are automatically prepared along with Schedule numbers.



Our Branch Accounting System has a unique feature that is not found in any other branch accounting software:

  • It enables consolidation of head office accounts with branch accounts. Thus with every entry either at branch or head office the consolidated balance sheet with profit and loss accounts can be seen by the administrator or assigned subordinates. There is an in-built feature for reconciling branch-to-branch and branch-to-head-office accounts in our Branch Accounting System.
    Business entities that have multiple offices/branches benefit hugely from this path-breaking software.Start Counting:-
  • Company and multiple branch accounts can be maintained under a single code.
  • Head of administration can change the password on his own.
  • Administrator can appoint sub-users on his own.
  • Administrator can assign the sub-user a particular domain, limited to his jurisdiction.
  • Domain for each sub-user can be changed by administrator on his own.
  • Administrator has the power to check company branch accounts any time without the help of sub-user, thereby putting pressure on them to keep the accounts up-to-date.
  • Impex also gives the facility/feature to fix a date prior to which sub user cannot input or alter entries without the knowledge of the administrator.
  • Administrator can delegate his authority to trusted subordinates.
  • In case of mid-term audits, the administrator can authorize auditors to restrict fresh entries.
  • Seniors at the head office can cost-effectively instruct and advise branch offices, and also conduct quality control eliminating the need for supervisors at branch level.

Practices of Transparency and efficiency in any accounting system are keys to success in business. At IMPEX we believe we are partners helping in the growth of our clients. Proficiency in accounts and prosperity will always go hand in hand.


Inventory Accounting.

Inventory accounting can be maintained batch-wise or without batch. Batch wise accounting with cost price given against each batch enables the software to evaluate the value of inventory at any given date. In case where inventory accounting is not maintained batch wise, Average Cost is the basis for inventory valuation.