Maintenance Support: -

Impex Support realises the need of 24X7 support for all the products we sell. At no point in time your call or query will get unattended. If you face any trouble relating to our products, you just need to dial our toll free number and our trained and certified engineers will be always here to help you. We work 365 days a year to keep you smiling and always free from any hassle that you may face because of our softwares.

Website Maintenance Support: -

Just develeoping a website is not only what we do, we have an excellent after development process. The maintenance of your website is gonna be provided from the website development team itself because who can understand the website better than the developers. For securing the website from future attacks and for required optimization ,we provide the best support. We perform bug handling, testing website speed, link checking and site-up (Program which is running in background and display a pop-up when site goes down) for improving the performance factor of the website. We let it done in three steps:

  • Checking: - It would be not visible to website visitors. Here we perform attack check, source code optimization, compatibility validation, authentication and file system checking.
  • Content submission or update: - Here we perform updating and content submission for the website whenever required.
  • Backup process: - Every website is hosted on special machine called server and server can be damaged by some reasons like hard disk crash, electricity failure etc. It can make website non-operational. That’s why we provide backup services. So we can restore website from its checkpoint (last proper state).

Software Maintenance Support: -

Software maintenance is a process of detecting defects and fixing them after the completion of software development life cycle. It comes into form after software users found lots of bugs while processing the software. So maintenance support for the software is always being a suggestion from every software development firm.

Here in Impex we perform bug handling, memory utilization and software source code optimization. We have a team of professionals on software testing and maintenance, who perform following steps for maintaining software:

  • Compatibility Check: - - Compatibility nowadays is become a need for every software. Here in Impex we perform compatibility check for each and every operating system which is in existence.
  • Functionality improvement: - Here we optimize the functionalities of the software by working on its algorithms and implementing the optimized one.
  • Bug Handling:- There would be always a possibility for finding the bug even you tested your software thousands of time. So we perform bug handling after getting updates from the user end.
  • Preventive:- After getting updates about the bug, we perform a preventive code optimization. So that the users will never going to face the bugs of that category.