SEM (Search Engine Marketing): -

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a kind of Internet marketing which helps to promote the websites by increasing the visibility of website in search engine results pages through optimization and advertising. There are lots of methods for Search Engine Marketing. Advertisement includes Pay per Click (PPC), Pay per Download (PPD) and Pay per thousands impression etc. So we have to choose an appropriate plan as per need of our website.

Following Four methods we use for Search Engine Marketing.

  • Keyword research and analysis: We have to look over the best keyword for our websites. A huge amount of traffic generated by this process. It includes the process for optimizing tags as like Meta tag, title tag etc.
  • Website popularity: Website popularity is a major term used to define the real time visibility of a website over search engines. Popularity of a website is depending on the back links that a website has.
  • Google Mobile Friendly Website Checker: Here Search engine marketing is done for responsive websites as well as checking for a responsive design also done here.
  • Bidding: This is the most important method for a paid marketing strategy. Here we have option to put some bid for our website for being visible over Search Engines. PPC, PPD etc comes under this category. In PPC (Pay per Click) we have to pay for each click. The amount would be paid is depend on the bid.

Here at IMPEX, we have experts for running the search engine marketing. After a long experience they have a very good command over Keyword analysis and bidding strategy. Our experts are familiar with the latest search engines guidelines and algorithms, which helps them to run PPC on the best level. We guarantee a very good ROI (Return on Investment) policy. This could convert your investment into a good business amount. That would be triple of your investment or more than that. Our highly qualified Search Engine Marketing Professionals are very much familiar with the Search engines as like Google, Bing etc. Our plans for SEM is depend on the budget of the clients and as well as it could be vary according to the need of clients.